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Bathroom, Ensuite & Powder Room Renovations

Our promise to you – In just 4 weeks, you’ll be stepping into the newly renovated bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

Bathroom Renovations

Finest Bathroom Renovations, Transforming Ensuite, Toilet, And Powder Rooms With Elegance

For over a decade, SilverPeak Construction has turned outdated bathrooms into luxury retreats for families, landlords, builders, and businesses. Renowned for our creative designs and personalised approach, we consistently achieve over 55 bathroom makeovers annually.

Whether you need a complete bathroom overhaul, an ensuite remodel or adding flair to powder rooms and toilets, we bring your thoughts to tangible reality. We are experts in transforming spaces, removing the outdated and bringing in the fresh, resulting in a space that is not only comfortable but also loved.

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SilverPeak Construction

Upgrading Your Bathroom Experience

SilverPeak Construction offers bespoke bathroom upgrades, designed to cater to both minor adjustments and full-scale refurbishments. We initiate each bathroom renovation with a thorough demolition, stripping away the outdated to welcome the new. Moreover, you benefit from exclusive SilverPeak Construction discounts at selected retailers, enhancing the value of your bathroom renovation journey.

How We Turn Your Bathroom Renovation Dreams Into Reality

Here’s a glimpse of your hassle-free journey with us for a bathroom renovation, ensuring every step is smooth and simple.

Initial Inquiry

When you contact us, we analyse your location, project scope, budget, and planning stage, then schedule an on-site visit for a detailed discussion.


During an on-site consultation, our team will assess your bathroom, take measurements and discuss your needs.


We’ll discuss your design preferences, covering fixtures, baths/toilets, and colour schemes, and present your project in 3D.

Project Onboarding

Once you accept the quote and make a deposit, we’ll set up your project schedule and give you access to our Project Management System, for real-time updates and direct communication.


After completing a final walkthrough, and organising the handover once all paperwork is finalised, your new bathroom will be ready for you to enjoy for a lifetime.
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Creating Relaxing Ensuite Spaces

Our renovation services cater to every detail of your ensuite makeover, from concept design to flawless execution. SilverPeak Construction collaborates closely with you, handpicks premium materials, and implements smart storage solutions, all while creating an open, inviting layout.

Powder Rooms & Toilet Renovations

Upgrade your home with a sophisticated powder room and toilet renovations. We help you maximise these smaller spaces, selecting fixtures, lighting, and tiling to create a contemporary atmosphere.
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Where We Serve

SilverPeak Construction, with its head office in Bacchus Marsh, collaborates with homeowners in the following local government areas:

Regional Areas

From home renovations and property maintenance to collaborating with occupational therapists to design and implement aged care features, we ensure that every project is customised to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

During an ensuite bathroom renovation, you can expect a comprehensive process that includes consultation, design, demolition, and installation. We focus on transforming your space to meet your specific needs, whether it's a full remodel or a small ensuite renovation. 

While we do not directly supply tiles and plumbing items, we offer extensive assistance in selecting the ideal options for your bathroom renovation, along with discounts available at our recommended suppliers.

Updating your powder room can involve a range of services from a simple powder room remodel to extensive powder room tiling and renovations. Our powder room renovation services are designed to enhance the aesthetic and utility of your space, whether through new fixtures, updated tiling, or a complete overhaul to maximise its potential. 

Before powder room renovation, consider size, style, and functionality. Optimise space, choose durable materials and ensure the design complements your home. Finally, consider the overall design and how it complements the rest of your home.

Before renovating your toilet, consider the layout, plumbing needs, and the type of toilet that suits you. Explore options for reduced water usage without performance loss. Also, ensure your toilet's design integrates seamlessly with the bathroom's overall aesthetic.

Ready for a bathroom renovation that transcends traditional standards?
Whether it’s a bathroom or ensuite upgrade, a chic powder room refresh, or a sleek toilet redesign, SilverPeak’s your go-to for giving your aspirations a life.